Precision machining is a manufacturing process that uses specialized machines and tools to create components and products to very tight tolerances. These processes include operations such as turning, milling, grinding and drilling, enabling the production of high quality and accurate parts for various industries.


Milling is the process of machining that removes material from the workpiece and creates a wide variety of surfaces thanks to the rotating motion of the cutters of a machine. It is a process that involves more steps: from roughing to finishing. The features of our milling machines allow us to always accommodate the requests of our clients and obtain products of any kind.

  • 3-Axis Kondia Milling Machine – Table dimension 1000x600x500
  • 3-Axis Sigma Milling Machine – Table dimension 1600x850x650
  • High-Speed 3-Axis Omv Milling Machine – Table dimension 2000x1300x850
  • High-Speed 5-Axis Micron Milling Machine – Table dimension 850x850x600
  • 6-Axis FPT Milling Machine – Table dimension 2500x1800x1800

Electrical Discharge

The electrical discharge technique involves the use of the erosive capabilities of electrical discharges. Only usable on metal. Thanks to our electrical discharge machines, we can process the workpiece until it is complementary in shape to the electrode Our wire-cutting electrical discharge machines use conductive wires as electrodes to cut or shape the workpiece, allowing us to rely on another type of machining process.

  • 4-Axis AgieCharmilles Wire-Cutting Electrical Discharge Machine – Table dimension 800x550x510 (max size of single piece 1300x1000x510)
  • 4-Axis AgieCharmilles Die-Sinking Electrical Discharge Machine – Table dimension 900x700x500 (tank size 1814x1215x700)
  • 4-Axis Cormac Die-Sinking Electrical Discharge Machine – Table dimension 1200×800


Like milling, turning is a machining process that removes material from the workpiece. However, the two processes differ in motion: milling involves a rotating motion, whereas turning involves a straight motion

  • Comev CNC Lathe – Center height 300×2000
  • Comev Lathe – Center height 26×1500


Thanks to our grinding machine, each component can be shaped to suit the need of every project. In the grinding phase, we get rid of all excess material and residues by using a fine and extremely hard grinding wheel. This will deliver a high degree of finish to the workpiece surface.

Deep Drilling

We talk about deep drilling when the depth of the cavity is 10 times bigger than the diameter of the tool. In this case, we take care of the process by using gundrills or BTA/STS tools.
  • 7-Axis IMSA MF1250-2FL Drilling and Milling Machine – Table dimension 1700×955; drilling depth in single operation 1,250