Quality Analysis and CMM Measurements

In order to make products with the necessary structural features and that fully accommodate the requests of the client, we believe that thorough quality control is crucial. This is why our technical personnel performs not only quality controls on workpieces under production, but also regular sample monitoring on finished products.
Our 3D measurement machine ensures a precision range of up to 1.4 microns, allowing us to fully comply with the limits and the measurements given by the client.

  • CMM Wenzel Measuring Machine, measuring field of 1000x1600x800

Ultrasonic Sealing

Thanks to the machines at our disposal, we can offer manual ultrasonic sealing by using a column-mounted device and, if necessary, an anthropomorphic 6-axis robot.
The two pieces that need sealing are put one over the other and perfectly held into position with a fixed shape nest. The sonotrode applies pressure to the components and emits vibration at high-frequency translation. By applying both pressure and vibration, the pieces are fused, or sealed.
A simple yet fast method that guarantees cost-effectiveness while preserving aesthetic appeal and ease of use of the final product.

  • Manual Ultrasonic Sealing
  • Column Ultrasonic Sealing with Anthropomorphic 6-Axis Robot


This simple technique is used to decorate objects by means of a customized cliché according to the requests of the client. It allows us to decorate pieces of different shapes, materials, and sizes. Up until two colors available.
Thanks to this process, we are able to guarantee a high degree of aesthetic appeal in a cost-effective way for both small and bigger productions.

  • 2-Color Tampographic Machine


In our production department, we also assemble the plastic components. First, each part of the finished product undergoes a quality check by our operator, and then the head of QC performs one final quality control of the finished, assembled product, making sure that all the requirements set forth by the client are met.