Our moulds are completely developed and built by us: starting with an analysis and feasibility check of the model requested by the client, and ending with the final inspection and subsequent size testing of the moulded parts Furthermore, if the mould stays at our facility, we will guarantee a lifetime warranty to the customer.

Types Of Moulds

  • Moulds for bi-injection and co-moulding
  • Moulds with complex motions, twists, and hot chambers

Production Department

In our completely computerized production department, you will find the most technologically advanced equipment, which undergoes regular updates and is operated by highly qualified operators.

  • Cad Cam Cimatron System
  • Cam Open Mind 5-Axis Milling System
  • 4-Axis Cam Fikus Wire
  • 3-Axis Kondia Milling Machine – Table dimension 1000x600x500
  • 3-Axis Sigma Milling Machine – Table dimension 1600x850x650
  • High-Speed 3-Axis Omv Milling Machine – Table dimension 2000x1300x850
  • High-Speed 5-Axis Micron Milling Machine – Table dimension 850x850x600
  • 6-Axis FPT Milling Machine – Table dimension 2500x1800x1800
  • 7-Axis IMSA MF1250-2FL Drilling and Milling Machine – Table dimension 1700×955; drilling depth in single operation 1,250
  • 4-Axis AgieCharmilles Wire-Cutting Electrical Discharge Machine – Table dimension 800x550x510 (max size of single piece 1300x1000x510)
  • 4-Axis AgieCharmilles Die-Sinking Electrical Discharge Machine – Table dimension 900x700x500 (tank size 1814x1215x700)
  • 4-Axis Cormac Die-Sinking Electrical Discharge Machine – Table dimension 1200×800
  • Comev CNC Lathe – Center height 300×2000
    Comev Lathe – Center height 26×1500
  • Favretto Surface Grinding Machine – Table dimension 700×1300
  • Millutensil Die and Mold Spotting Press
  • Bergonzi Radial Drill 40×1000
  • Other complementary equipment